Super Wings Jigsaw

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What is Super Wings Jigsaw?

Super Wings Jigsaw

The Super Wings games category has a new challenge ready for all the boys on our website, and this new game with live airplanes is called Super Wings Jigsaw.

As like the other jigsaw games here on our website, the Super Wings characters have prepared here on our website a series of Super Wings puzzle pictures in which you can see that all the airplane characters will need your help to gain a lot of points. Starting with Jeff, Donnie or Dizzie, the main characters inside the Super Wings story, today dear friends all the airplanes have prepared for you special puzzles and interesting pictures that you will have to solve in order to gain a lot of points and have amazing posters to even put on your walls.

Each puzzle picture with the Super Wings airplanes, trucks and fire trucks, helicopters, boats  and they are all different as size, color and voice, so they are very diverse and we are sure that you and the Super Wings characters will have a great time. In each puzzle picture, you can see that Jeff, the red and white jet plane will have five puzzle pieces that you will have to put in place, Donnie the yellow and blue plane, Dizzy, the pink helicopter are going to be present.

Bello, a male black and white safari plane can take you away on a safari trip once you finish the puzzle, but you have to be very careful and concentrated, because even though there are going to be a few jigsaw pieces in each level, you will have to place them from the first try in the right spot so that the Super Wings robots continue to unlock amazing puzzles for you to solve.

All the Super Wings airplanes, not just Jeff are going to be present, so come and help Chase, Todd, Astra or Flip to see how easy and fun it is to solve jigsaw puzzles here with all of your friends that tried this game already. Prepare yourself to unlock all the puzzle leves with all the characters that you know there is inside the Super Wings games category, and so you can become the player with the highest score, which will make these robots return on our website and bring many other funny games for boys.

How to play?

Use the MOUSE to place all the puzzle pieces in the right spots of the Super Wings Jigsaw pictures.

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