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What are Super Wings Games?

Here on, you dear friends can play the most interesting games, because we are bringing for you the funniest and the most interesting games categories with a lot of special characters. Today dear friends we are bringing for you the Super Wings games category, which is a very fun and very interesting cartoon airplanes category for boys, in which you dear friends will have the chance to gain a lot of points and make a lot of new friends. In this Super Wings games category you will have the chance to solve a lot of puzzles, memory games, differences challenges and fun adventures with cartoon airplanes. The Super Wings category is started after a South Korean and American series has started and had a lot of impact amoung the children from around the globe. The Super Wings characters are very well known in America and Asia, so you can see that you can make a lot of friends around the world if you play Super Wings games here on The Super Wings are cartoon airplanes that live lifes of humans, and you can see that they have jobs, they have problems, they have houses and families which you will be able to meet all in our future Super Wings games that we have just prepared for you. Since we already cought your attention with this new boys games category, we want to show you which are the Super Wings characters that you will be meeting in each and every one of the games. Jett is going to be the main character, which you can see that it's a 5 year old airplane, and he is a cargo cartoon airplane which travels around the world and delivers different packages. Donnie is another Super Wings character that you will be meeting, and he is a fighter jet and a very good repair airplane because he has a lot of useful tools that he can use to fix airplanes in the shortest time. Dizzy is one of the few girl characters in the Super Wings games category, and you can see that she is a while helicopter that you will meet in a lot of rescue challenges, because you can see that she is going to be like a airplane doctor. Jerome, Paul, Grand Alber, Mira, Bello, Chase, Todd, Astra and Flip are going to be other airplanes, helicopters, jets or balloons that are going to appear in the Super Wings games category here on from today on, because you can see that we are preparing for you a very special set of games that you can play with all your friends for free. Have a great time in our Super Wings category, and stay tunned to see which are our latest games categories that are going to continue to appear. Have fun!