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Freddy's Chronicles

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Freddy's Chronicles
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Freddy's Chronicles Overview


Welcome to Freddy's Chronicles, an original game created by our team with platform-adventure elements, which you can play on computers, phones, tablets, and which has been created as a platform-adventure game, so expect tons of running and jumping, but all set in a pixelated world, and together with the most popular horror characters from video games, and, recently, from movies!

Let's go through Freddy's Chronicles online!

You're aiming to reach the end of each level, the exit door, before you run out of battery life, as Freddy is an animatronic, but you can replenish it by simply grabbing the batteries when you find them on the courses. There are three VHS tapes, which are criminal proof of the horrors of Freddy's Pizzeria, so collect all three of them on each level to open up the door and clear the stage.

If you want a big score, it's all about collecting the pizzas, so try taking as many of them as you can. There will be electrical shocks, seesaws, pits, traps, and various other dangers along the way, which you must avoid hitting if you don't want to die.

The progress you make in each level is also timed, so try finishing levels fast. With the pizzas you have won, which you can get more in between levels from watching the ads, you can buy new skins for Freddy and make yourself look like another animatronic.

Use the arrow keys for moving and jumping, pressing the up arrow twice to double jump. It's fun, thrilling, and scary all at the same time, as most FNAF Games should be, and if you give it a try right now, you will never regret it!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

Tips & Tricks

1. Watch the timer, because if it hits 0, you lose.

2. Each trap you hit slows you down, so avoid them!

3. Collect all the pizza slices to buy more skins for your character.

4. Your main objective should be collecting the VHS tapes because otherwise, you cannot open the doors at the end of the levels.

5. If you see an activated trap, wait for it to stop and then pass past it.

6. Memorize how the traps work so you can avoid them easily in the future.

7. Explore all the routes: do it to get all the pizzas for more points, all the batteries, which give you more life, so don't just go in the easy routes.

8. Listen to the sounds, as some of them give away when the traps get activated.

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