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My Puzzle

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My Puzzle
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My Puzzle Overview


My Puzzle is your puzzle game to solve and have fun playing with on our website right now, where we are always delighted to share with you new toddler games for kids, as interesting and fun as possible, as you can see, and in the next part of the article we teach you how it goes, so you and your child can easily enjoy it, or even you can play it, as an adult!

Get your kids to play 'My Puzzle' and have fun!

Balloons, flowers, dinosaurs, fruits, vegetables, cars, toys, and other items can be the subject of your puzzles, which can have two, three, or even more pieces, found on the right side of the screen, which you need to drag in the wooden block where they match the shapes and fit the space.

Doing so piece by piece is how you solve the puzzle, which is done once it has been fully completed. Do so one puzzle after another, no matter how complicated they get, although not that much, since they are puzzles for kindergartners, and finish all of them to have the best time possible with yet another fun new addition to our website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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