Put the Fun Together

21.04.2023 187 1 votes

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What is Put the Fun Together?

Put the Fun Together

Put the Fun Together represents one of the best new Doki Games online on our website, a game we would not have dared not to share with you right now, especially since we are the first ones to do so, proving once again why coming over to our website will always be rewarded with the best new content out there, both fun and educational, just like this game will also prove right now!

Let's Put the Fun Together with Doki Games!

In this fun puzzle game, you have a total of eight levels, each of them featuring a new image separated into rectangular pieces, which you are going to grab from the sides of the screen and place over the transparent image where they match them until the image is a complete one.

It's that simple, and we are sure that if you finish solving all eight puzzles, you will come out a better person at the end of this game. Start right now, and maybe share it with your friends as well, afterward!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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