Henry's Puzzle

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What is Henry's Puzzle?

Henry's Puzzle

Henry's Puzzle is yet another amazing contribution to our category of Oswald Games online, based on the old Nick Jr show with the same name, and since all the previous games added to this category we saw you received very well, there's no doubt at all you are going to want to miss out on this one either!

Help solve Henry's Puzzle with Oswald!

There are three levels in total, and from one level to another, the difficulty of solving the puzzles gets bigger, which means there will be more pieces for you to sort and arrange.

Use the mouse to drag the pieces from the right side of the screen, putting them over the shape of the pieces that match them on the left, until the image is complete. It's that easy, so you should begin all this fun right now, you are not going to regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Nick Jr

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