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What are Oswald Games?

Oswald Games is a category based around the show with the same name from the days of Nick Jr in the past, as this show was broadcast in 2001, more than twenty years ago, but it seems that online games based around it have still managed to stick around, and our team is happy to say that we can share them with you all for free on our website, showing you once more why we always bring you the best content out there!

Learn more about Oswald before you start playing his games!

Big city is the colorful setting of the show, where animals speak, and behave just like humans, but there are also mythical beings and humans alike, so it's quite the melting pot.

In this world, Oswald is a blue octopus, who has a pet in the shape of a hotdog called Weenie, and we get to follow their day-to-day lives in this interesting world.

All sorts of problems appear in his life or that of his friends and acquaintances, and he uses a lot of patients to go through them and find solutions.

Let's learn more about the four main characters we follow here:

By playing games with Oswald online for free on our website, you will be able to partake in many of their adventures and learn a lot of things all at the same time, as Nick Jr Games have always been very educational.

Help the octopus find its hat, learn to cook his special food, solve puzzles with Henry, decorate an ice cone, play his piano, since that is his main hobby, and even do some matching to tease and improve upon your brain.

For a small and a bit dated category, it has plenty to offer, lots of promise, and fun games for you to try, so doing that right now is what we hope to see you do, and we can guarantee you're not going to have one dull moment!