Specials of the Day

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What is Specials of the Day?

Specials of the Day

Specials of the Day is one of the Oswald Games online on our website where you get to cook food, a chance that we don't think has been offered here to you before, so precisely for that reason you need to give it a go right away, as any experience with this blue octopus is a fun and educational one, and this won't be an exception!

Make the Specials of the Day with Oswald!

As Oswald and his friends give their order at the dinner, you have to pick the correct food from the menu after they give a description of what they want, which is how you improve upon your listening skills, your focus, and, of course, you learn more about these lovely animals and their food tastes. Let's start now, have fun, and don't leave anywhere, we've got more to give, always!


Nick Jr

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How to play?

Use the mouse.