Find Oswald's Hat

03.12.2022 454 3 votes

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What is Find Oswald's Hat?

Find Oswald's Hat

Let's Find Oswald's Hat in one of the best new Nick Jr games online to feature this beloved blue octopus that we've also fallen in love with quite a lot, and we're sure that just like we did, a ton of fun awaits you right now and here, guaranteed as always!

Can you Find Oswald's Hat?

The game works quite simply, as a hidden objects game, but one that does not have still images, but interactive scenes, where you use the mouse to interact with the items around you, and as you do that, get one step closer to finding the hat of Oswald with each new thing that is not that, but instead a dud.

Don't stress, take your time, and see just how much fun you're about to have, something that we know very well from our own experience with this amazing new game. Good luck, enjoy!


Nick Jr

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How to play?

Use the mouse.