Ninja Express Jigsaw

Ninja Express Jigsaw

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Ninja Express Jigsaw
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Ninja Express Jigsaw Overview


Ninja Express is the latest show to have started airing on Boomerang, and it is an amazing new show featuring three ninjas with superpowers, powers that they use in order to run a delivery service which they use to transport anything and everything, and, even better they can even time travel and get things from other eras!

If you've not seen the show, you will now see pictures from it which you will certainly enjoy, pictures that have been turned into puzzles for you to solve, something we teach you how to do right now!

Solve the puzzles with Ninja Express right now!

Jigsaw pieces are spread all around the screen, and you will use the mouse to pick them up easily and place them over the transparent image where they match it, and if you do this until you've got a complete picture in front of you, you will have won the level.

Of course, you should take notice of the shapes that the pieces have, as well as the image on them to guide yourself on where they fit, and you will solve the puzzles with ease, no doubt! Enjoy, and have fun as only here you get to!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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