Food Thief

Food Thief

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Food Thief
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Food Thief Overview


Become a Food Thief online with what is one of the newest Tom and Jerry Games online from our website, always a huge pleasure to have you here, since these cartoon characters have been around for decades, and are beloved by people of all ages. Once again, Jerry is hungry, and he's going to be stealing cheese that Tom, the cat, wants to stop him from doing, but with your aid, the mouse is not going to sleep hungry, so allow us to help you help him out!

Be the best Food Thief with Tom and Jerry!

Jerry will be descending through the rooms and their tunnels by a rope, and you get to control how the rope goes up and down with the respective arrow keys, but that's not enough, as you also need to rotate the room around to make him fall through the course in the correct direction, for which you use the right and left arrow keys, so the four directional keys will be your controls

Dangle Jerry around so that you catch three pieces of cheese, and to finish the level, you need to reach the cake at the end. The first level will show you how to do just that, but in the second one, Tom gets into the mix, as he will be coming out of holes trying to catch you, which he does all the time, so move to avoid him at any cost. Beware of other obstacles and traps.

Now that you've got it, try to steal all the food, finish all the levels, and stick around, since Cartoon Network Games will be today's theme, and you're in for a blast, guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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