Batwheels Playroom

Batwheels Playroom

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Batwheels Playroom
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Batwheels Playroom Overview


Batwheels Playroom is going to be one of the best ways you could start off your gaming day today, and it is also going to be the end, as we still have some more Batwheels Games to come, as this Cartoonito show is a beloved hit, and with these superhero cars we now invite you to relax and get your creative mode on, as we will now explain!

Enter the Batwheels Playroom online and have fun!

The three mini-games you will be playing here are:

  • match the shadows, where you match the shadow to the correct character on the left
  • solve jigsaw puzzles of these Batwheels
  • spotting the differences between the image on the left and that on the right

They are that simple and fun, so you should feel fully confident to begin right away, only here, after which our team invites you to stick around all day long, since we're just getting started on the fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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