BatWheels By You

BatWheels By You

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BatWheels By You
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BatWheels By You Overview


BatWheels By You is the new Batman Game online for free that our team offers you here, and maybe the first one in our history that gave you the choice to create your own Batmobile, the iconic car that this Gotham superhero uses to chase down bad guys, which has come in many shapes and sizes across the history of the character, which is why today you get to make your own design!

You can now make your own BatWheels, try it out!

Pick one of the five pre-designed vehicles, which can be cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other kids, which is then followed up by you washing them with soap and then drying them up. Only when you're done with the cleaning up can you move on to the design of the car.

Use the buttons underneath to change its color, the markings, and symbols on it, the 'eyes' of the vehicle, and its 'mouth', and you can also change the background on which it runs. It's that simple, so star right now, and share with friends what kind of batmobile you made, inviting them to play this game here as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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