Toy Trouble

Toy Trouble

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Toy Trouble
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Toy Trouble Overview


Toy Trouble is one of the best Batwheels Games online from our website, which you get to find first precisely on our website, showcasing once again why it's always a good idea to be over here, since we've always got some new and interesting content like this, with this amazing game being able to combine tons of your favorite formats into one, something we will tell you more right away, worry not!

Let's get into some Toy Trouble with Bathweels!

To begin with, you will be choosing a toy, such as a dinosaur, a smiley face, musical instruments, footballs, and others, which you then draw by following the guidance of the dotted lines, drawing on them to get the shapes and fill them with color.

What happens next? Well, there's more, as you choose a character to play with, out of the wheels, the toys get integrated into a game of throwing and shooting. When the other Batwheels appear on screen, throw at them with the toy you've drawn earlier, and get points in return, as many as possible, for a big high score!

It's that simple and fun, and there are so many combinations of toys and vehicles you could be doing here, which we recommend, as we're sure you're in for a real treat!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • To draw the toys, follow the dotted lines!
  • To hit the Batwheels, tap where they appear!

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