Batwheels Prix

Batwheels Prix

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Batwheels Prix
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Batwheels Prix Overview


Batwheels Prix is going to be one of the top racing games with cars featuring the superhero cars from the DC universe, with Batman, Superman, and all your favorite, which is why we kept the best for last, as you can see right now, and we will now delve into what you have to do, making sure you can give the game your absolute best!

Can you win the Batwheels Prix online?

Use the right and left arrow keys to take turns on the courses, using the touch control arrows for the same thing if you're playing on a phone or tablet.

Give your best to be the first one finishing the three laps, against the other cars, and you can pick your vehicle and your level of difficulty when you start playing.

Grab the green items to acquire superpowers or to get speed boosts, but avoid the red traps set up by villains, they will slow you down.

It's that simple, enjoyable, and fun, so make sure you're starting right now, only here, after which even more great games are going to be coming up for you all!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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