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Balloon Zoom

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Balloon Zoom
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Balloon Zoom Overview


Balloon Zoom continues the amazing series of new Batwheels Games online that we're giving you the chance to play today on our website, which has proven to be one of the best categories of Cartoonito Games, where right now you will do something different than ever before in it, with a new confrontation against the Joker, one of the biggest villains in the DC world!

Let's Balloon Zoom with the Batwheels!

Start off by choosing from one of the five Batwheels, which are vehicles that the Bat-Family uses in missions, and you've got cars, trucks, motorcycles, as well as planes. Pick your favorite, but if you're a newcomer to the series, we recommend trying out all of them.

You will drive them using the left and right arrow keys, and when you get near a balloon, to pick it up you press the down arrow key. The balloons have Joker's face on them, and you need to take them and then go past the door to throw them inside, which happens by passing by it automatically and getting points in return.

Before the time runs out on you, dispose of as many balloons as possible to earn a big score, and make sure not to let the green slime falling from the top hit you too many times, because if it happens too much, you lose.

Become the swiftest Batwheel around, having fun driving these supercars like never before, and check out the previous games with Batwheels which we have worked very hard to keep bringing you on our website, as you can see!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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