Fish eat fish

Fish eat fish

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Fish eat fish
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Fish eat fish Overview


Fish eat fish is one of the most popular fish games in 3 players. At first, you will have to select how many people you want to play, and here you have a single-player, two-player, or three players. The next setting that you will need to make is to choose whether your fish is a girl or boy, after which you can customize the color of the fish as you want: blue, purple, green, orange, or red, depending on your preferences. The game starts quite simple, you and your little fish are on the ocean floor, where you will find all kinds of marine life, aquarium fish, plants, algae, rocks, or underwater creatures such as water snails, crabs, characters,s or many others.

Finish the game by eating all the small fishies!

Your mission in this game is to raise the fish you protect as big as possible, and for that, you will have to eat other fish smaller than yourself. In order to eat smaller fish, you will have to return to the ocean in all the water until you manage to find fish that are small enough so that you can eat them too. Depending on how many fish you can eat, you will notice that your fish will start to grow bigger and bigger, and this will bring you more notoriety in the underwater world and also the possibility to eat even bigger fish. What you have to keep in mind is that when a fish bigger than you comes to you, you will have to run, not to touch it, because it will eat you, and in this way, the game will end and you will have to start the whole adventure again.

Fish eat Fish game is quite exciting because you will always have to be careful not to be eaten by other larger fish or even whales, sharks that are around you, but at the same time you will have to keep in mind that your fish is hungry and I always want to eat to grow as big as possible. Depending on how fast you manage to move up and in the game, from left to right in the ocean, you will earn points that will help you grow big, and during the game you will notice that the fish that appear around you are from getting bigger and more different, getting to know even sea horses.

How to play?

Use the mouse, the arrow keys and the W,A,S,D keys

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