Fish Soccer

Fish Soccer

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Fish Soccer
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Fish Soccer Overview


Fish, the ability of two players to play at the same time against one another, and soccer are all elements that are going to make you love our latest addition into the 2P Games series, where right now we invite you to play Fish Soccer online, which we highly recommend to you even if you're not really big fans of this sport!

Let's play soccer underwater with some fish!

To control the two fish, one player uses the WASD keys, while the other one uses the ARROWS keys. Swim through the football pitch, grab the ball, and then swim with it into the gate of the opposing fish until you score a goal, and if you score more goals than the other player before the match time runs out, you win, just like with real-life European football.

We want to wish both players good luck, tons of fun from start to finish, and we invite them to stick around for more of our content, they will never be disappointed!

How to play?

Use the arrows, WASD keys.

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