Hurakan City Driver HD

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What is Hurakan City Driver HD?

Hurakan City Driver HD

Hurakan City Driver HD is one of the best new sportscar driving games in 3D on our website, which our team really loved playing ourselves, so we have no doubt at all that the very same is now going to be true of our own time with it, hence why we made sure to share it with you right at this point!

Become a Hurakan City Driver in HD, only here!

If you choose the racing mode, speed ahead of the other cars and cross the finish line first, and if you choose the drifting mode, try making as many drifts as you take turns through the city as possible. Achieving both these things earns you coins, which allow you to customize your car.

Use the ARRWS/WASD keys to drive, F for boost, G for slow motion, and C to change cameras. It's as simple of a premise as it comes but totally fun from start to finish, guaranteed, so make sure not to miss out on this opportunity for anything in the world!

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