City Truck Driver

City Truck Driver

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City Truck Driver
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City Truck Driver Overview


Not all, but some trucks do get permission from cities to drive in them, depending on their height and weight, and you now get to have exactly this kind of experience, but, of course, you will have it online, through a safe 3d driving and racing game with cargo trucks, one unlike you get to see every day, so playing it should be a must, for sure!

Become the best driver of trucks through the cities!

First of all, know that there are three ways that you can play this game:

  • Missions: Here, you will drive trucks according to the GPS, having to reach destinations, loading the truck, and then unloading it at various spots through the streets.
  • Racing: This is quite simple, as you have racing tracks through the city, and you have to reach the finish line and cross it first, before the trucks you are racing against.
  • Free Drive: Here is the simple mode for those who only want to have an enjoyable time by driving the truck through the city with no stress or objectives.

You can unlock up to 13 models of trucks to drive along the way, which you do with the money you've earned. For the racing mode, you can race against a second real player, not just the computer, and we will now give you the controls that you will be using:

  • Player 1: W, A, S, D to drive, space for handbrake.
  • Player 2: ARROWS to drive, J for handbrake.

Now you know how much fun can be had with this game, so we hope to see you start it right now, after which we hope to see more of you here because the fun never stops when it comes to our great games!

How to play?

P1: WASD, space.


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