Noob Fall

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Noob Fall
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What is Noob Fall?

Noob Fall

Help the Noob Fall gracefully in one of the best new skill games 3d we've brought along for you all in this beloved Minecraft Games category, where we are always trying to bring along the best original productions on the internet, and this one has certainly been one of the games we were most happy to produce!

Let's fall with Noob and win!

The Noob uses a bar with two suction cups on the ends of it to fall down the tunnel, and when you hold the mouse, the bar extends and the cups grab onto the walls, holding him in the air. Use this move to fall slowly and grab all the stars by the point you reach the bottom.

On the sides of the walls there are red bombs, so make sure not to hit the bar into them, because when that happens, you explode and lose the level. If you fall too quickly to the bottom, you also lose the level, so don't let that happen either. As you earn coins, use them in the shop for new skins.

We wish you good luck, skill, and focus, and hope to see you around some more, as always!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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