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What are Difference Games?

Kids are encouraged to play online games that don’t just provide them with a really fun time, which will still remain the most important thing about a game, but if one manages to also teach them something, or improve their skills or abilities at the same time, it makes a game even more important and desirable to play, which is definitely something we can all agree is true for the many Differences Games online that you can find and play for free on our website, a category we have worked very hard on to make it as great as it is now!

How to play Difference Games with pictures

Most of the differences-spotting games out there follow basically the same format, about which we want to tell you here and now, in case you don’t usually play games like this, as reading this should help you play them with ease right after reading it!
You will see two pictures in front of you, most of the time side-by-side, but other times one on top of the other one. While at first sight, the two images seem to be identical, they never are, because between them, there can be 5 differences, 7 differences, or any other kind of number, as it depends on the game and its difficulty. When you find one of these different things, click on them to have them marked.
In some games, you are required to spot the differences before a timer reaches 0 seconds, but in other ones, you will be timed on how long it takes you to finish a level, or you can have the games where time does not even matter. You are usually awarded points for the differences you make, but you lose points if you click randomly or you tap on a spot where there is nothing different, so try not to do that too much. Other times you lose lives for mistakes, so be even more careful!

What are the best Differences Game for kids on Play-Games?

First of all, know that this category is as varied as you might expect, because these are games that rely on images, and you can have images of almost anything these days, which is why we have themed games such as different games with animals, pictures of cars, cities or countries all over the globe, tractors, trucks, dinosaurs, plants, fruits, and many more, which also helps kids get more familiar with the world around them.
Of course, the most popular ones tend to be the games where you find differences between images taken from their favorite shows, and which feature their favorite characters, such as Garfield, Mickey Mouse, Ben 10, superheroes like Iron Man or the Avengers, Disney Junior fan-favorites like Doc McStuffins, animals from Cartoon Network such as those from We Bare Bears, the 44 Cats from Nick Jr, and many more!
One thing is certain, no matter what game you play from this category, fun is guaranteed with it, and after playing them you will immediately notice how your focus levels and your attention to detail have improved greatly, all while having a great time doing something you love!