Genshin Impact Find Difference

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Genshin Impact Find Difference
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What is Genshin Impact Find Difference?

Genshin Impact Find Difference

Genshin Impact Find Difference offers you the experience of a format you already know and love, differences games, with some of the best new characters to do it with, the characters from your favorite RPG gacha game from Asia, where you now have to test out your keep eye on them, something we will teach you how to do right away, don't you worry!

Find the Difference between the Genshin Impact heroes!

For each level, you have the same character sitting on both the right and the left, but the two pictures have a set of differences between them, and it is those you have to find and click on upon doing so, using the mouse to tap on them when found. Get to 100% and you will have finished the level, and be able to advance to the next one!

There are heroes from all the seven continents depicted in this game, each with their own elemental powers, and we hope to see you complete the game by finding the differences between all of them no exception!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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