Find the Anemoculus

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Find the Anemoculus
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What is Find the Anemoculus?

Find the Anemoculus

Find the Anemoculus is a new kind of hidden objects game, a more interactive one, and a high-quality one where you are searching for anime-like characters, similar to how you work to get them in Gacha Games, but this time with no money needed to be put in, as all you have to give is your focus skills!

Can you Find the Anemoculus online?

On the map, there are five regions, each having their own character to find, and you can only do that by finding all the symbols that represent them. Click on items such as rocks, dragons, trees, fire, clouds, and more, so that you eliminate them from the frame to reveal the symbol.

Once a symbol has been spotted and clicked upon, you get points, and when all the targets are found, you clear the level and unlock your character. You are doing this against time, so make sure to find all the items before the time granted for it completely runs out on you.

Don't make too many unnecessary clicks, since you are losing time each time you do it. Good luck, great concentration, and all the best we wish you this, and the other great new games you will surely play today on our website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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