Genshin Impact: Clicker

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Genshin Impact: Clicker
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What is Genshin Impact: Clicker?

Genshin Impact: Clicker

We've now got for you a first but not last Genshin Impact Clicker game online, which makes a lot of sense to be added into this category, since idle clicking games and gacha games have a lot in common, as both of you have to pay a price to get a reward, only in this one it is not a monetary one, but a price of time and dedication towards clicking/tapping!

Try the very best Genshin Impact: Clicker game online!

Start off with your first character, on whom you have to click in order to earn coins, which you should then use to buy more coin clicker upgrades, which will mean you will earn more per click, but they also get more expensive after buying them.

As you earn coins but also elements, use them to unlock new characters from the archive, with your goal being to unlock all of the characters to have them to yourselves. It's that simple, so now that you've understood it, feel free to begin now, and then check out even more of the day content prepared for you here today!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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