Spots and Differs

Spots and Differs

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Spots and Differs
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Spots and Differs Overview


Spots and Differs is one of the cutest differences games online for kids we have had on our website in a while, considering that it features cats and dogs, children, playgrounds, both animated and real-life ones, in many variations and kinds, so you can expect to have diverse fun unlike you get to have with such games on the daily!

Play Spots and Differs to level up your observation skills!

Between the images on the left and those on the right there will always be five differences you need to find, and when you do, click on them to have them marked, marking all five of them to complete your level. Try not to click randomly and make too many mistakes, you might even lose for that.

Spot a set of differences, then move on to the next one to see what that one entails, and so on until you are bored or want something else to do, in which case we've prepared way more other kinds of games here, all for your eyes only!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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