PG Memory: Gacha

PG Memory: Gacha

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PG Memory: Gacha
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PG Memory: Gacha Overview


The girls from Gacha World are the most popular anime characters of 2022, which is why the team created an educational game with the most important of the Gacha Club characters.

Memorize, group, and earn points in the Gacha Memory game!

The first thing you will need to do is turn over the cards so that you can make pairs of identical cards. Your mission will be to group all the cards as fast as you can and without using the tools of the game that can help you get over the moments when you are blocked. The Show Cards button will turn all your cards at once for 1 second; you can use this feature when you have several unmatched cards to find where the identical cards are, but you should know that you need at least 30 diamonds to use this feature of the game.

An interesting thing that has been implemented in the game is the Achievements mode, which will create a competition between the players, and at the same time will create an addiction between the player and the game. Try to accumulate all 22 achievements in a short time!

How to play?

Use the mouse to find the pairs.

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