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Gacha Panic

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Gacha Panic
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Gacha Panic Overview


Gacha Panic is a different kind of 2d adventure game online that you get to play here since strategy and determination are not going to cut it totally, as you need a bit of luck, which is why the Gacha machine and games format is very important in this game, where you play around in an anime-like world with a retro pixelated world, where the girl who you become needs to prevent herself from getting evicted from not having money to pay her rent. Are you up to help her?

Survive the Gacha Panic online!

Move around the streets using the arrow keys, and press Z to take action. Collect the blobs that walk around the street, to turn them into creatures, and when you see Gacha machines, press Z next to them to play them, and from the balls that drop you will also earn characters. Hopefully, the drops have a big value, so that you earn money.

Before the time granted by your duck landlord, the time of a virtual day runs out, you need to collect the money needed for rent, which is 350, to begin with, but that rent might increase, like in real life.

With the creatures you collect, you might do battle against other creatures, similar to Pokemon, where you need to select the best strategies of attack to defeat your foes and earn even more coins in return. If you fail to get the money for rent, you die, and you need to start again, a point at which you should use your previous experience to move faster.

Don't let any gacha machine pass you by without playing it, since some of them hold some really rare items that will have a big value. Let's start this cute but challenging experience right now, and then play more Gacha Games online for free on our website, we've collected some of the best over the years!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z key.

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Author: Squidly

  • Squidly – Programming, Direction, point squid of the operation
  • Ven – Art, Portrait Art, Misc Art, More Art, we don’t call em’ skinny steve for nothin
  • Astropulse – Environment Art, 3D Art, putting Boston in an arguably good light
  • Pearl – Gacha Gal Art, Gachapon, Illustrations, has a driver’s license
  • Tina – Main Illustration, Secret Hidden Talent, is a bat

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