Gacha Life - Coloring Book for kids

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What is Gacha Life - Coloring Book for kids?

Gacha Life - Coloring Book for kids

A coloring book for kids with Gacha Life online is now readily available for all the anime fans of these cute girls out there who we know for a fact want to play as many awesome games with them as possible, as we know that this community wants only the best, and we're sure that this game will be proof of that right now, as we know from our own amazing time with it!

Try our Coloring Book for kids online with Gacha Life!

Start by choosing one of the available black and white sheets of characters, and know that you will unlock the other ones after you paint the first batch.

Use the mouse to pick a color from the right side of the screen, and then click on the portion of the drawing that you want to fill with that color, and it will instantly be applied.

Use this method to give really interesting and fresh looks to these characters, and you don't even need to have known them before, and we're sure you will still have a ton of fun doing it, so begin right away, only here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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