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PG Coloring Gacha

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PG Coloring Gacha
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PG Coloring Gacha Overview


Gacha, one of the most popular Japanese games is now in front of you, and the team has thought of offering you a simple game with these anime characters to get to know the most important characters in Gacha Club. As you can see, the first thing you need to do is choose the character you want to color, and here we have a lot of virtual dolls that you can color as you want.

Who are the most important characters in the Gacha World game?

In the following, you will need to know 8 different types of characters as follows:

  • Water Units: Lado, Luni, Snomallow, Reef, Bluebarry Pielot, Glamm, Dreamy, Chris, Cyn, Sye, Mizumi, Saiki.
  • Wind Units: Lemo, Ramunade, Mofumofu, Thomas Cat, Cedar, Remmy, Kiwi, Manami Lin.
  • Fire Units: Yuni, Rinrin, Vivi, Lammia, Angelica, Wikki, Poppy, Commander Fierin, Lucifer, Yuna
  • Light Units: Rein, Cleonya, Caramel, Kaede, Mariposa, Picc & Pawket, Minty, Hoang Zhao, Michael, Ota & Ris, Senpaibus
  • Dark Units: Milly, Moka, 000. Bex, Vivvle, Mark, Apple Pierate, Wei, Yang, Renegade, Tabtab, Meromero,
  • Corrupted Units: Usalina, Corrupted Monday, Cor. Ramunade, Corrup [ted Bex, Cor. Teacaku, Chaotic OwO, Corrputed Kiwi, Cor. Fierin, Cor. Manami Lin
  • Dj Units: Dj Atom, Luni, Ramunade, Lado, Bex, Kiwi, Buns, Male Buns, Radd, Dj Cry, Lilli, Daisy
  • Shadow Units: Shadow Neon, Shadow Merupe, Shadow Lith, Shadow Phantom, Shadow Vinyl, Shadow Luni, Meduna

Once you have chosen the character you want to color, you will have to go to the next step and choose the way you want to color this poster: Pencils + Bucket. If you choose the first option you will have to be more careful how you draw the outline of the images because you have to be very careful to color only inside the elements, but if you choose the Bucket method you will be able to press a click and the whole image will color automatically.

How to play?

Use the mouse to color these images with Gacha girls.

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