Kids Educational ABC

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What is Kids Educational ABC?

Kids Educational ABC

Welcome to Kids Educational ABC, a multi-faceted learning game online for children of all ages, which you could play even if you're a teen or adult, since you can always learn more and improve, or maybe you should have parents play this game together with children. Either way, learning is at the heart of this game, so let's see what we will learn, shall we?

Make the most out of the Kids Educational ABC game online!

In this game you can do the following things:

  • Read from A-Z, with letters, phonics, or animals.
  • Learn to Write, either in a basic way or by filling with color.
  • Make a Pattern using dots or sequences.
  • Find the Correct Image by matching them with a letter.
  • Solve Puzzles through dragging and dropping.
  • Take a Quiz to see how much you've learned and how much you still have to learn.

Through the multitude of levels that each mode mentioned here has, you can play up to 400 mini-games, one more interesting than the other, at the end of which kids will become better at writing, reading, and related activities that help a human development, so it's better to start as early as possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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