Goofy Sleepwalkin

Goofy Sleepwalkin

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Goofy Sleepwalkin
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Goofy Sleepwalkin Overview


Dear children,
Goofy has a big problem. Due to sleep problems, Goofy became a sleepwalker. The night disappears from the bed and he could have big problems with this problem. Come and give him a helping hand.

The game is structured on ten levels, whose difficulty increases with their winning. Goofy has become a sleepwalker and the danger of an accident increases. Due to the fact that he leaves home at night, guide him on the roads of the city so that he has no problems. You need to collect all the clocks you find on the route set by the game in order to wake up Goofy at the end of the game. The challenge is to finish the game in the shortest possible time so that Goofy's sleepwalking disappears as quickly as possible.

The instructions for the game are very simple. Use only the mouse to control Goofy. To hold Goofy in place you have to hold the mouse to the right. Along the way, you will find boosters that will help you.

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How to play?

uste the mouse

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