Kickin' It: Sparring Master

Kickin' It: Sparring Master

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Kickin' It: Sparring Master
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Kickin' It: Sparring Master Overview


Sparring Master represents one of the best new Kickin' It Games online, a series from Disney XD we haven't heard of in a while, but which we are very happy right now to make bigger and better with this new skill game, reaction time game, and memory game at the same time, where you will develop your karate skills some more!

Become a Kickin' It Sparring Master online!

In each day you have a certain number of moves to make, in a crescendo of difficulty, as the moves get more complicated. On the screen, you can see arrows pointing in various directions, even in circles and other shapes, and you have to swipe with your moves in the same way after you see them, to make your karate hit happen.

If you memorize and make all the moves required from you in a level, you earn points in return, and you get even more of them if you can make the moves in a combo, meaning making no mistakes one after another. You can be Jack or Kim for each training session, it is your choice, and we're sure that you will complete all the missions, and become a karate master in no time!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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