Let's Baby-sit Baby Krissy

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What is Let's Baby-sit Baby Krissy?

Let's Baby-sit Baby Krissy

We say how much you loved playing the new babysitter games online we brought over for you all not too long ago, which is why we could not have missed this opportunity of sharing with you a brand new addition to the genre, which we're also positive you are going to eat up!

Let's Baby-sit Baby Krissy online!

You will play the role of Barbie, who has been tasked with taking care of this wonderful baby, something that you are going to do with the mouse, interacting with her chair, her food, her toys, and anything else that she needs, as you must make sure to keep her being happy and smiling so that when she gets back to her parents, they will be happy too.

There isn't much else for us to explain, as the game is quite intuitive, so we invite you to discover it by yourself and see just how much fun there is to be had, after which even more great games are sure to follow, and you must not miss them!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.