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Halfpipe Pixie

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Halfpipe Pixie
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Halfpipe Pixie Overview


Become a Halfpipe Pixie with Barbie in what represents one of the best winter sports games online to feature here on our website, as it is one of the best snowboarding games online for girls here, where this beloved doll shows girls how they can do even extreme sports, as she loves them herself, and you're about to join in the fun, something we now wish to explain how to do, so you can make awesome tricks, flips, and stunts with her!

Go snowboarding with Barbie, the Halfpipe Pixie!

The game can be played in the easy or hard levels of difficulty, and we recommend starting off easy, to learn the basics, and then attempting the more difficult tricks. The goal you have is to snowboard on the halfpipe, jump in the air, and then perform the tricks for points, and in each round, before the time granted for it, try to increase your score as much as possible!

To get points, try to make the following tricks:

  1. Upside Air
  2. Nollie
  3. Snowflake Twist
  4. Rainbow Trail
How to make the snowboard tricks:

To make Barbie jump high into the air, press the spacebar and then release it when she is on the edge of the pipe, so that she blasts high in the air, and while there, press the four arrow keys to make the tricks.

Each key makes one trick, but we recommend combining them together to create a spectacular performance for all your fans. If you fall and get the landing wrong, you have to restart and know that you only get a limited number of tries until you are eliminated from the winter competition.

Qualify from one round to another by getting your target points, and defeat all the other snowboarders, showing once more why Barbie can do anything she puts her mind to!

How to play?

Use the spacebar and the arrow keys.

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