Bubble Guppies Good Hair Day

Bubble Guppies Good Hair Day

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Bubble Guppies Good Hair Day
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Bubble Guppies Good Hair Day Overview


The Bubble Guppies had their Good Hair Day ruined! An evil algae came around and with magic transformed all their hairstyles into algae cuts, and made it messy, dirty, and too green, if you ask us! 

Help the Bubble Guppies have a Good Hair Day!

On the left side of the screen, you can pick which new hairstyle you want to make for the characters. Then, take the blow dryer, the mirror, the shampoo, and the other hairstyling tools and products with the mouse. Apply them on the hair just like you are shown.

Step by step you will solve the hair problems, making it good once again. At the same time, you can paint it a new color, as you've got lots of natural hair dyes available in the same menu on the left.

If you want to accessorize the hair, pick out bow ties, flowers, and even hats. Use the mirror to show the characters what you've done. They will let you know if they like their hair or not. Have fun and a good hair day right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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