What's That Sound

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What is What's That Sound?

What's That Sound

What's That Sound is one of the simplest and best new Fireman Sam Games for children that we now offer you free of charge on our website, a classic throwback game we would highly recommend for all those seeking for their kids to get better at recognizing sounds since that is a skill that will help them all through their lives!

'What's That Sound?' asks Fireman Sam. Tell him!

Hit the button in the middle to hear the sound, and then choose which one of the things, animals, or people you think it belongs to:

  • a sheep
  • footsteps
  • running water
  • a fireman in action
  • lips

Make the right decision, or keep picking until you're right, and then listen to another sound until you've learned about all of them, simple as that! Begin right now, and make sure to further check out this category, you are not going to regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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