Fire Fight

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What is Fire Fight?

Fire Fight

Help Fireman Sam do what they do best, Fire Fight, as fires have erupted all across town, and they are the only ones capable to stop them, but they are a bit short on people, so you will be the perfect addition to the team, and surely give them all the help they require!

Help Fireman Sam fight the fire!

Wherever you see fires, click and hold on to them to shoot them down with the water hose, and you get points in return for each fire that you put out in this way. In the sixty seconds given to you for playing this game, try putting out as many fires as possible to get a big score in return, simple as that.

This is a fun and interesting skill game we hope you don't miss out on anything in the world, so give it a go right now, and then discover even more great additions over to this category!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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