Road Dash

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What is Road Dash?

Road Dash

Road Dash is one of the best fire truck games online you are ever going to find and play for free in our beloved category of Fireman Sam Games, where Sam is picking up residents of the town in the truck so that they can get to the surprise birthday party for Penny Morris that he has set up. Help him drive the firetruck!

Dash on the road with Fireman Sam and Jupiter, his fire truck!

As Jupiter drives forward down the road, press the up and down arrow keys to duck the various obstacles that appear in your path, because if they slow you down too much and don't reach the destination in time, you are going to lose.

When you reach the house of a guest you need to pick up, stop, and press the spacebar to honk your horn, which is when they know that they can come out and ride the truck.

Choose between the Easy and Hard levels of difficulty by hitting the 'Play' button above each one, and start your new firetruck adventure, in a way you've never done before!

How to play?

Use the up and down arrows, and the spacebar.

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