Energon Rally

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What is Energon Rally?

Energon Rally

More new Transformers Games with Bumblebee online are always received very well by our visitors, and that does not surprise us at all, since he is one of the most beloved robots-who-can-transform-into-cars from this long-running franchise which has only become more popular with the years, and today's one is a new obstacle course game you have to check out, called Energon Rally!

Help Bumblebee recover all the Energon, and avoid all the obstacles!

On the obstacle course, Bumblebee will both drive and run, alternating between the two states, because when you have to jump over obstacles in the road, you press the up arrow key to be a robot and jump over them with his feet, and if the obstacles are up and you have to drive under them, press the down arrow key to transform into a car and do so.

Along the way, you should collect as many Energon cubes as you can, since they will represent your score, and we're positive you want a big one, and you should also grab the Autobots symbol, which are defense shields that protect you in case you hit obstacles by mistake.

Of course, hitting too many obstacles will cause enough damage that you lose and have to start again, so don't let that happen. Good luck to you all, and make sure to stick around, so that you keep the fun going!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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