Mecha Formers

Mecha Formers

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Mecha Formers
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Mecha Formers Overview


Mecha Formers is a game added here to bring some life back into a type of game we've not had or seen in a while, which is the robot building games genre, where you will make your own robots similar to those you can see in Transformers or anime shows with Mecha bots, as the name suggests!

Create your own Mecha Formers to enter the world of robots online!

The game works primarily as a hidden objects game, where you move around the screen with the mouse or touch controls, having a big area of parts, which are hidden or out in the open. Pick them up and put them into the robot model, completing them where they match, and also pick up car parts, since the robot should be able to transform into a car when you're done building it.

After you've made one, you can make even more, as you need to form a team of robot transformers that will help you in the upcoming battle against the evil ones, that are coming to invade the world, and you must stop them at any cost! Bombs appear in various spots, so make sure to avoid tapping on them, or you explode and lose, having to start again from scratch. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Y8 Studio

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