Mighty Pups Catch the Robot

Mighty Pups Catch the Robot

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Mighty Pups Catch the Robot
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Mighty Pups Catch the Robot Overview


The Mighty Pups need help to Catch the Robot! In one of the best new adventure games with the Paw Patrol, the puppies have gotten super suits, and are now superheroes! One of their robots is now running wild and free, but they need to catch it and bring it back to headquarters! Let's do that, but also help out along the way, animals and humans alike!

Catch the Robot with the Mighty Pups!

To start off, follow the steps in the snow of the robot through the Arctic! As the puppy runs, click to make it jump, and click twice to double jump. By the end of the winter course, try to catch as many dog treats as possible, since they are your score.

Avoid bumping into the logs, or into the snowmen, and other obstacles that can appear. When you see ramps made of ice, use them to jump further and higher, and catch more treats. In the end, help the seal get down from where it is stuck.

Pick an angle, and click to blow cold air and make an ice ramp to go up. You then make another ramp going down, and as the seal slides down on it, you have won the stage. Next, let's go on a spring mission!

Build a bridge, and be a hero!

That is your next mission! As you reach each pit, make a bridge to cross it. Pick the wooden planks and place them in the right order to make the bridge complete. With a floating hammer, nail the planks down, and complete the bridges. Go from one to another until you reach the finish line! 

To finally catch the robot, start another running mission like in the first level, but this time, in the city. Run, jump, and get the treats, catching the robot at the very end, and saving the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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