All-Star Pups

All-Star Pups

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All-Star Pups
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All-Star Pups Overview


All-Star Pups represents one of the best Paw Patrol Games online we've had in a while, an arcade experience that is actually comprised of three mini-games we highly recommend, as we've had tons of fun with them ourselves, and after you learn what they are all about, you will be ready to give them your best and have lots of fun!

Let's have fun with the All-Star Pups of Paw Patrol Games!

  1. In Sea Rescue, you swim around the sea and find boxes, and on each of them, you have to put a balloon with the same color as it is on them, so that they float to the surface and clean the waters.
  2. For the second game, Muddy Paws, click on the kittens when they appear to catch them, and also click on their muddy paw prints to clean them up.
  3. Third is Beach Patrol, where you move the pup around the beach to pick up the trash and clean it up, trying to collect as much of it before the time runs out on you.
  4. Finally, we have Food Drop, where you click to make Skye be dropped from the helicopter and deliver food in the green spots.

Now that you know how all the mini-games work, you should be ready to give them your best, have fun, learn lots, and maybe you will then try out even more great games from this same category!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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