Ultimate Rescue Marshall's Fire Pup Team

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What is Ultimate Rescue Marshall's Fire Pup Team?

Ultimate Rescue Marshall's Fire Pup Team

Ultimate Rescue Marshall's Fire Pup Team is a really awesome new game from this Nick Jr Games category where you get to join this awesome rescue team of pets, who are going to be helping out Marshall with firefighting, through three awesome mini-games, each with their own gameplay mechanics, about which we will now teach you, making sure you can give the game your best!

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For the first game items are being dropped from the sky, and you use the pup on the right to scan them, because if they are hot, you have to cover them with sand, and if they are cold, put it on the rolling tray.

In game two you control a mechanical claw which you use to remove all the dirt and rocks in front of a door, get inside the perimeter, and then find all the flags to rescue all the victims.

When it comes to the third and final game, fly with Skye and drop balloons on the fire, as you try to put out as many of them as possible, getting points in return for all of them.

It's that simple, so feel free to begin having fun with this game right now, after which we invite you to check out more daily content, you're going to love it, guaranteed!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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