Mission PAW

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What is Mission PAW?

Mission PAW

Mission PAW is the latest exciting adventure we invite you all to have in the world of Paw Patrol Games online, which often take inspiration from various other media, just like it does right now with the spy-thriller genre of movies and games since the team of pups has now become secret agents on a retrieval mission, on which you are invited to help so that it becomes a success, as all their other missions!

Let's go undercover with Mission PAW online!

This game has everything you would want from such a spy story: a queen to protect, her crown that needs not to get stolen by evil agents, items to collect along the way, and even pups dressed up as wait staff to go undercover in the castle where your mission is now taking place.

To infiltrate the castle you will swim in the river around it to reach it, and you will use the up and down arrow keys to do so, collecting the dog treats to improve your score, but also be careful not to hit trash such as boots, fish swimming around, or natural traps such as the vortexes.

We wish you tons of fun and plenty of good luck, and hope that you will see the mission through to its end, no matter what challenges it throws at you!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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