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Zed Overview


Zed is a new platform-adventure game online with running and jumping, but also a robot game, as Zed is an android, one who wants to get himself a space suit made out of gold, and for that, he needs gold, which is what you're here to help him with through this amazing new running and jumping game from the era of classic flash games, this one is a highlight we're happy to share with you all!

Start Zed's adventure online!

Use the arrow keys for moving and jumping on the platforms, as you make sure to collect all the golden balls, as well as the blue balls for points, when all have been taken, the door towards the next level will open up, allowing you to move through it and clear the stage, doing so level after level until you have finished the game and Zed has had his suit made!

Avoid the beasts, the traps, the dangers, and various obstacles, because if you hit into them and run out of the energy bar, you lose the game and have to restart it from scratch. We wish you the best, and hope that you come back tomorrow to play even more of our amazing daily games!

How to play?

Use the arrows/WASD keys.

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