Crypt Raider

Crypt Raider

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Crypt Raider
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Crypt Raider Overview


Dr. Carter is the Crypt Raider! That means he goes into pyramids, which are fascinating and steals all their treasures. In case you did not know, pyramids are actually graves, and pharaohs were buried with their gold and valuables. Well, they're up for grabs, but only if you are brave enough to dive deep! Can you? Let's show you how, so you gain some confidence if not!

Steal treasures with the Crypt Raider online!

To move your character, use the four arrow keys. Easy! Dirt will block you from moving, so remove it before he can move. To do so, hold the spacebar, and then press the directional key in which part you want to remove dirt.

When you reach the end of the courses, you need to open up the portal, and that is done by pushing artifacts in it to activate it. Otherwise, it's dormant. There are guardians of the pyramids, evil beings who want to catch you and kill you.

Defeating them is done by pushing rocks onto them, and causing explosions. You can also cause explosions by pushing the TNT into what you want to blow up. You can also use the explosions to open up holes in the brick walls.

Doors have locks, and they won't open without keys, so find them! The maze is big, filled with dangers, but also adventure, and treasures, so start the exploration right now!

How to play?

Use the arrows and the spacebar.

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