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Dead Zed 1

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Dead Zed 1
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Dead Zed 1 Overview


Dead Zed Mobile is a simple zombie shooting game. You are a farmer and you must defend yourself from the zombies and find other survivors. You have a handy map showing you all of the areas and their objectives. The goal is to survive a total of 40 days in the devastating apocalypse.

You need to select an area you would like to play, each area costs time to complete and as we all know, time is limited. Your available time is also shown on the map. Once you've played an area, you will be shown your findings. Some areas may have survivors and guns while some only have guns to be found in them.

Once you've entered an area, you need to shoot the incoming zombies with your available gun or multiple guns. Getting a headshot will instantly kill the zombie otherwise, it will take 2 or more shots depending on the power of the gun you are currently using.

Clearing out an area will also give you more time on your hands. The survivors you've found can be assigned 3 tasks:

  • Shooting: The survivor will help you in shooting the zombies.
  • Repairing: The survivor will use the repair skill automatically to fix barricades
  • Search Party: The survivors assigned to this job will search the area for other survivors and weapons.

Unassigned survivors will be given a random task. Each survivor has different stats, some are better at repairing while others are better in the other tasks like shooting or searching. The search party members have a chance to get ambushed so it is advised to assign people with good skills in that territory for the job.

You will eventually need to repair your gun and the damage done to the barricades by the zombies. The repairs will use a lot of time that you have to share with other tasks.

We hope you are ready to survive 40 days!

How to play?

Use the mouse to aim and shoot. R to reload your gun. F to change the fire mode. 1,2 changes weapons. M mutes the game. Esc to open the menu.

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