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Dead Zed 2

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Dead Zed 2
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Dead Zed 2 Overview


Dead Zed 2 is one of the best zombie-killing/slaying/shooting/whatever it is you want to call it to experience that you can have free of charge on our website, where we never miss the opportunity of offering boys, but girls as well, high-quality shooting games that offer interesting premises, and a zombie apocalypse is always something that provides a lot of thrills, because if you don't shoot, you get eaten!

A sequel to the original Dead Zed game is surely something which will be quite welcomed here because if the first one had not been really popular, we are sure that a continuation would not have been created, but here we are, once again inviting you to enter a world of horror and survive it!

Dead Zed 2: the zombie apocalypse game you were waiting for!

The story of the game takes place mainly around a farm, a farm that you have to protect from the many 'walkers', which is how zombies can also be called here, taking inspiration from TWD, as they're lurking about all the time, and one wave after another of enemies will come and attack you. Defeat the waves of zombies, but know that there is always a more powerful wave coming after it.

Of course, this is where survival skills come in place, because you will scour the neighborhood, first for weapons, gear, and ammo, which will help you shoot the zombies with more ease, but, even more importantly, look for SURVIVORS!

Yes, you're not the only human to have held back against the zombies and have been bitten by them, so when you find people, try to make them join your party. They can be deployed to either help you with the defense of the farm, as there is strength in numbers, or to go out searching for more items while you deal with other things.

This is a story that spans a total of 40 days, which are kind of like your levels, one day per stage, and you have to survive through all of them and the hordes of zombies in order to win the game, so once that 41st-morning sunrise is there, you can know that you have survived and prevailed against death!

Dead Zed Games mechanics, explained:

The timer that shows how much of the day is left will be on-screen, but so will mini-maps and health indicators that show how long you've got to live. But, most importantly, learn how to control your character which you will see in the first person:

  • Mouse: aim and shoot your guns
  • R: reload the ammo
  • F: change the fire mode
  • 1, 2 Number keys: changing weapons
  • M: Mute
  • Esc: go back to the main menu.

If you need it, a help menu is available if you click on the question marks, so get more details then. The fight for your life against zombies starts now, so hit the play button, and try seeing if you can best the undead for all the forty nights!

How to play?

Use the mouse, number keys, R, F, M, Esc keys.

Game Walkthrough

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