Into The Dead Trigger

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What is Into The Dead Trigger?

Into The Dead Trigger
The zombie apocalypse has broken out! The initial reaction to this was a shock, trauma, and even denial. The authorities were too slow to react to the outbreak and the zombies had breathing time to spread. You are part of a small number of survivors and you need to escape!

You start in your apartment where you break free with your small pistol. You check for other survivors and then leave to the staircase. After managing to escape from the apartment you try to escape from the city where you meet a commander that gives you missions before leaving.

Your first mission is to rescue the doctor and the nurse. You find the doctor in the sewers and the nurse in a secluded location and move on with your next mission. Your next mission is to rescue 3 civilians found under the ground. You enter it through the cemetery and rescue them from the maze.

You flee the city and now you have to survive for as long as you can. Good luck!

How to play?

Left-click: fire; Right-click: aim or block; WASD: move; Left Shift: sprint; Left Ctrl: crouch; X: prone; Q: lean left; E: lean right; Space: Jump; F: interact; R: reload; G: grenade; P/Tab: pause.

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